I’m a visual creator and a commercial photographer, passionate about people, products, and nature photography. I specialize in delivering high quality imagery for companies and individuals alike.

Power of Imagination

A creative mind is essential to thriving in the world of photography and imagination plays a crucial role when looking at a subject and coming up with the perfect framing, lighting, and composition to deliver the optimal commission goals and outcomes. 

Visual Empathy

A masterful photographer possesses a series of empathic skills that make them successful. From planning to delivery, communication and understanding are essential to the process of creating consistently incredible images. 

Sharing my passion for storytelling
through visual media


The success of any project lies in precise communication skills: it starts with clarifying questions, and ensuring communication of the time, dates, and locations of the shoot as well as location of the online proofing.

Quick Turnaround

Time and quality are valuable assets for me and my exceptional team of editors which enables me to offer my clients the option to have their project completed and delivered within 24h or less, in some cases.

Art of Creativity

Creating an impactful image requires a creative and imaginative mind and the art of composition is key in the process. I love exploring new styles of photography every chance I get.

An Eye for Detail

Not just an eye, I can shoot with both eyes open! Creating a memorable image is impossible, without a strong connection between the subject and the photographer. 


Passion is what sets most creative people apart and that shows through their work. From the simple still life shoot, to a fashion editorial or runway event, to a perfect sunset or a smile in a headshot, the most successful photographers are the ones that are the most passionate about their craft.

Legal Knowledge

The intellectual property rights of both photographers and their clients are equally protected by law. Having a photographer who knows the ins and outs of the legal aspect can save you a lot of time and hustle in the long run.

Consistency is essential

My capabilities and expertise allow me to turn your vision into actual outcomes with positive, impactful and long-lasting ripple effect in your business. My goal is to make every project unique, brand identifiable and individual and create content that stands well apart from the competition.

Project Planning

I have experience in editorial photography editing, research, art direction, design, and production. I use a project-based approach to fees and budgeting, focusing on detailed planning, expectations, and accountability.


On set, I typically use low-profile mirrorless and compact cameras and prime lenses, which improves my connections and interactions with the people I’m capturing.

Aerial Photography

I have been flying drones for several years and my mechanical bird of choice for still photography and video is the Mavic Pro 2 system. I do have friends with bigger wings though, when needed.

Creating with passion

I take pride in transforming the ordinary to extraordinary by capturing a unique moment in time, and preserving it for posterity. The use of lighting, composition, subject matter, and everything else in between, is what makes or breaks an image.

What you get when working with me is exemplary professionalism, work ethic, inclusive hiring practices and portfolios that stand out. Send me a message and let’s talk! 

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