With over 15 years of pre to post production experience, in the commercial, education, medical and nonprofit organization content creation, I have acquired the skills and knowledge to approach every project with creativity, care, attention and enthusiasm.


I am an expert at creating animated graphics, sound design, 360 videos, and taking the journey high in the sky or far below the ocean surface via aerial imaging and underwater photography. I love to explore the world and surface stories yet to be told. 


In my roles as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, and photographer, both on agency and client sides, I have always taken the time to understand what GREAT means to my client—that’s why the content I create is the best version of whatever it needs to be.

Based in Chicago with international experience

Whether I produce videos, shoot stills or act as a creative consultant on branding campaigns, I am always aiming to achieve my clients’ goals, create meaningful engagement, and meet expected ROI. Here’s why:

Passionate for great outcomes

My clients’ goals, budgets, and deadlines are my top priority when producing content. I love supporting my clients and helping them achieve campaigns that truly make a difference.

Creative mentality

The 15 years + spent in the visual production trenches have solidified a very resourceful frame of mind when it comes to producing creative visual content.

Visionary strategist

I have spent the last years creating and refining a method that has proven successful time and again in creating and strategizing the best possible content.

Inquisitive perspective

I love working with clients from various industries and learning as much as possible about their universe before leading the creative strategy. It is essential in delivering a remarkable product.

Budget orientated

Remarkable production skills coupled with years of budgeting experience and great communication, ensures that your project is delivered on-time and on budget.

Transparent and communicative

Constant communication right from the start of the project, weekly updates and production milestones are key to ensuring a happy and returning client.

My production process

Whether I am working on a project alone or with a team of equally amazing creators, I have implemented the same process than has proven to be successful throughout my career.

Stage 1 - Creative Development

Creative Strategy
Location Scouting
Production Design
Set Construction

Stage 2 - Prep. & Production

Lighting & Filming
Photography (Stills, Aerial, 360)
Special Effects
Green Screen
Sound Mixing
Hair & Make Up
Wardrobe & Styling

Stage 3 - Post-Production

Color correction
Sound design
Voiceover recording
Original or stock music
VFX & Rotoscoping
Motion graphics
Licensing – Music, Motion, Stills

This production workflow applies for both video production and photography. Check out some work examples on my portfolio pages.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we’ve got every angle covered, my partner and I live and breathe storytelling. Allow us to turn your dreams into actual outcomes with positive, impactful, and long-lasting ripple effects in your business.

And what’s really amazing about working with us is that we listen, understand and come up with the best possible solutions for every budget. Let us know how we can help bring your story to life.





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