Whether delivering content as a solo producer/technician or alongside my team, the goal is to deliver easy, affordable, and customizable video and 360/VR-AR Digital Streaming Experiences. 

daniel tomei streaming

We offer studio-quality streaming solutions to corporate, medical, education, religious, and entertainment, clients all over the world.

We provide the hardware, software, and technicians to enhance how live streaming and webcasting content is produced. 

Live Streaming Experiences

Video | 360/VR-AR


Plan your virtual events with ease to boost your audience engagement and drive value with sponsored content. As project management experts for both small and large-scale streaming events, allow us to handle it all. Simply put, having virtual access means greater reach and impressions, and caters to those unable to attend in person.


Our streaming services help reach more voters, especially younger audiences, by distributing messaging through social media platforms. This proven method extends your range of viewership by providing to those who prefer digital over live, print, or television mediums.


Our expertise and passion for web streaming combined with cinematic sensibility and professionalism, allows us to work in partnership with our clients to co-create breathtaking special events that astound audiences worldwide.


In-person and live-streamed product showcase events are the norm in today’s highly technological society. We offer new ways to connect, inspire, and educate your audiences, from clients, employees, and investors, to other important stakeholders. We create pre-recorded segments that integrate seamlessly into your stream.


Plan your indoor or outdoor concerts with confidence; our experts will showcase unforgettable moments with expertise and precision for your participants. We cover festivals and concerts, award shows, galas, and live sporting events, and we’ll help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special event.


Our expertise in the medical field is undeniable; we’ve worked with a myriad of the healthcare industry’s top names. We’ll provide professional live streaming services for procedures available anywhere in the world. Sensitivity in this arena is key and we’ve got experience with a variety of surgical cases; trust us to capture key moments throughout any procedure.

daniel tomei streaming


From pre to post-show, we work alongside our clients to share the vision, story, and goals with target audiences through live video, animation, or marketing videos strategized for cross-channel use.

Pre-Show Management

We develop and strategize an event’s opening visual elements, and every moment in between via video and animation.

Show Production

Working alongside your marketing team, we document your event day via video, photography, and 360 experiences.


At the end of your event, we take everything that was captured and transform it into easy-to-use content for social media and websites.

Let us stream your event worldwide.

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