I create video content that showcases, recruits, promotes, trains or explains things and it’s not always how much the budget is, or how shiny my camera tools are, but rather how impactful and useful the story is for the client. 

Never-ending Drive

My passion for filmmaking it’s something that stems directly from an intense desire to deliver impactful and memorable content.  And yes, it keeps me up at night! Understanding the client’s vision, managing and exceeding their expectations are top priority for every project I am involved with.  


At every stage of the production process, what makes or breaks a project is the level of awareness, of the crew, gear, the product and the legal aspects and having this information to the degree that it is beneficial to everyone on set, is conducive to a successful outcome.   

As a freelance producer for the past 15 years, I had the privilege to learn and develop skills that add a lot of value to any production I am involved with. My favorite job is producing but I have worked on dozens of sets, wearing multiple hats, from pre to post production.


I love producing content and my background in project management and hundreds of hours on various sets, observing everything, listening, understanding, asking questions and getting the right answers from seasoned veterans, makes me quite successful at this crucial segment of the production industry.

Director / Editor

Directing and editing content come naturally to me. My never-ending search for self-improvement, curiosity, discovery, patience, positive attitude and adaptability, I believe, are key to any successful director and editor. My favorite NLE are Adobe Premiere and DaVinci, more recently.

Camera Operator

The nerd in me loves playing with expensive toys. I started in the industry as a commercial photographer and photojournalist, and that gave me a chance to understand lighting, angles, lenses and compositions… and how not to spend thousands of dollars on every.single.lens.i.see.

My video production capabilities cover everything from pre to post production, from gear to locations and crew, but when the right project comes along, I love playing with my own toys:


2x BlackMagic Pocket 4k and 6k
Sony A7SIII / Sony A7III
Canon 5D IV
2x GoPro Hero 8
Insta360 + Pro 2


Aputure 300d
Aputure 120d II
2x Diva 400
2x Godox 60
4x Quasar LED Lights


Zoom H4N Recorder
Sennheiser EW-G3 Wireless Pack
NTG4 Boom Mic
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier
AVJEFES AVL630-35 Headset Mic

Video production is about more
than capturing the shiniest images
or the coolest cameras.

It is mainly about telling your story in a compelling way that makes your audience react and engage with your brand. Saving money and getting your video projects done on time and on the budget is crucial in this competitive market, and hiring a professional producer to oversee all aspects of the production will allow you more time to focus on other things—such as running your business.

And that’s what I do best!

Emotionally captivating, visually outstanding
and intellectually engaging creative content

Creativity and Originality

Great content triggers a remarkable emotional response and connects your target audience with your brand in a powerful way. My proven work ethic, experience and passion will bring in a fresh approach and creativity for your branding strategy.

Capability and Expertise

Your visual identity is your signature and how your audience will remember your brand. A stellar production standard is key to reaching that goal. You only have a few seconds to capture and convert your audience, and my technical know-how will make a difference.

High Return on Investment

Your budget will get the highest return on marketing investment when partnering with an experienced producer with a proven track in delivering memorable video content.

Production capabilities

As a freelance owner / operator producer and industry professional, I run my ship as a full-service multi-media production company. Sometimes by myself, but most often with the aid of a superb team of professionals, we are handling projects, small and large, from script to screen. Our extensive background includes commercials and corporate videos, animation, audio and video PSA production, corporate communications, television and radio broadcasting, documentaries, web videos, and more, all shot either from the ground or via a drone.

My client list includes Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium sized businesses, ad agencies, PR and marketing firms, non-profits, political and consulting firms and media buying agencies.

My list of capabilities includes development and execution of the following:

2D / 3D Animation
Audio Production
Corporate Videos
Branded Documentaries

Fund Raising Programs
Music Videos
Healthcare Educational Videos
Political Media

Public Service Announcements
Real Estate Videos
Special Events Production
Training Video
Video Editing & Post Production

No matter what stage your project is in, I can provide development and production services in the United States, Europe, and Australia. I have strong connections with crew and talent, and can assist in script development, financing, locations, as well as post-production supervision and delivery.

The common element for everyone working with me is professionalism, work ethic, inclusive hiring practices, and astounding production outcomes.

Creating work that truly makes a difference 

My award-winning medical work includes creative, technical, and educational solutions for individual physicians, groups, pharma and medical device companies.

My passion for healthcare, commitment to the art of medicine and continuous education, as well as proven strategies implemented in dozens of campaigns, grab attention, generate engagement, and build industry leadership.  

Creating with purpose

It is mainly about telling your story in a compelling way that makes your audience react and engage with your brand. Saving money and getting your video projects done on time and on the budget is crucial in this competitive market and hiring a professional producer to oversee all the aspects of the production will allow you to more time to focus on other things such as running your business.

And that’s what I do best!