Chicago Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

When Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe and Dr. Sammy Sinno established a cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Chicago, they ensured that every facet reflected their own values as surgeons with commitments to patient safety, comfort, and creating excellent results.

The next step in their marketing strategy was to hire a video production company to showcase the practice, team and services they are offering at their Chicago location. Given my experience with similar projects in the healthcare industry, they hired me and my team to produce a series of 18 branded videos. 

Passion, care and dedication for the
art of plastic surgery in Chicago

Over a duration of 4 weeks prior to the shoot date, my team an I have worked on messaging, scripting and storyboarding the segments that made up the TLKM Practice package.

During this time, I worked closely with the surgeons and observed them in their offices and surgery centers, so as to prescribe the proper voice, personality, and scripting. 

Production days

At the end of the four weeks of pre-production, our scripts and messaging were in place, the crew was hired, extras booked, and catering ordered. For six days of production, my team was sensational and stayed on top of tight deadlines.

The challenge of working while respecting the Covid19 measures (masks, social distancing, temperature checks) was successfully overcome, and in the end, everyone went home healthy, happy, more educated and knowledgeable, and with great stories to tell. 

Production outcomes

The project was a success and by the end of the shoot, we completed principal photography for 18 videos. Within a couple of months, the segments were edited and approved; they now live on website and YouTube channel. 

Dr. Sinno’s words, tell the whole story.

Creative genius. Extremely hard working and meticulous. Daniel did a major project for our office and it far exceeded my highest expectations. He is a workaholic that has the highest standards for himself and his artistic visions. I couldn’t recommend anybody higher. An A plus artist and talent.

Dr. Sammy Sinno

Chicago Plastic Surgeon , TLKM Plastic Surgery

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Sammy Sinno’s patient testimonial, sums up the artistry of both surgeons in the practice.

Studio photography

The practice needed new portraits for the doctors and staff and here are the results.

Virtual 360 Tour

During the pandemic, it was hard for patients to visit the office, and we decided to capture a virtual experience.

With the economy bouncing back, more and more patients are looking for a healthcare provider that is truly gifted, passionate, and knowledgeable in the art of medicine.

Therefore, if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize the opportunity and engage with new clients, the time is now!

Get in touch and let’s see how I can use my expertise to help your practice.

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